Declaraciones a la prensa del ERP Román Oyarzun, Presidente del Comité 1718 (Inglés)

Today the 1718 Committee held closed consultations today in order to discuss the Panel of Experts 2016 Final Report and its recommendations.

We are studying all findings and recommendations in the 2016 draft report, as well as prior year report’s recommendations, in the context of a new resolution in response to DPRK’s nuclear and missile tests of 6 January and 7 February, respectively.

The Panel of Experts briefed the Committee on its 2016 Final Report. The Panel stated that the report shows DPRK’s systematic violations of SC resolutions, and also has relevant recommendations.

The Committee is studying these recommendations. Hopefully some of these recommendations, if members agree, can be included in the resolution that the SC is expected to adopt.

Finally, the Committee will continue to monitor the implementation of SC resolutions and assist to enforce them. The Committee stands ready to put into practice any new measures that the SC might decide to adopt in a new resolution as a response to DPRK’s violations.-


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