Statements by Ambassador Román Oyarzun on RCA and Syria

Statements on RCA:

  • USG Ladsous has briefed the Council on the latest developments in CAR (previous meeting: AOB held on 10 September on the visit of USG Ladsous to CAR from 6 to 8 September).
  • The Members of the Security Council unanimously condemned the outbreak of violence which constitutes a deliberate attempt to destabilize CAR and to jeopardize the transition process. They further condemned the attacks against civilians, humanitarian actors, convoys and MINUSCA.
  • The Members of the Security Council called on the Transitional Authorities to swiftly investigate this violence and bring the perpetrators to justice, and stressed that those responsible for the attack, within or outside the country, shall be held accountable. They stand ready to consider sanctions against those who undermine peace, security and stability in CAR.
  • The Members of the Security Council expressed their strong support to efforts by the Transitional Authorities to bring the political transition to an end through democratic elections as soon as possible. They stressed the urgent need to continue the transition process and to hold free, fair and pacific elections.
  • The Members of the Security Council reiterated their full support to SRSG Onanga-Anyanga and to MINUSCA and encouraged the mission to use all necessary measures to implement its mandate of protection of civilians, including humanitarian personnel, and support of the transition process.
  • The Security Council deplored the death of a Peacekeeper.


Statements on Syria (chemical weapons): 

  • The Security Council has been briefed by the High Representative for Disarmament Mr. Kim Won-Soo.
  • He has informed that the process of dismantling and destroying the Syrian chemical arsenal, as declared, is almost successfully completed, in more than a 98%.
  •  Now the efforts are concentrated in investigating and establishing responsibilities for (alleged) attacks using chlorine.
  • These attacks are unacceptable in view of the international legislation and the Security Council Resolutions (2118 and 2209 among others).
  •  The Council members welcomed the nomination of Ms. Virginia Gamba as head of the Joint Investigative Mechanism and expect that the JIM will be fully operational soon.
  • Mr. Kim affirms that his office is committed to have the JIM fully in function hopefully by the end of this month. He assures that he is working in coordination with OPCW to select the most appropriate staff to guarantee a professional and independent mechanism.
  • Mr. Kim requested the support of the Members to ensure the necessary funds to make the JIM fully operational.
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