Security Council Group on women, peace and security, co-chaired by Spain, begins work

Following the approval in October 2015, under the Spanish Presidency of the Security Council, of Resolution 2242 (2015), the work of the Informal Group of Experts of the Security Council on women, peace and security is now underway.

This mechanism has been set up by Spain and the United Kingdom, the countries which co-chair the group, with the aim of improving the application on the ground of resolutions that comprise the agenda on women, peace and security, by further studying the specific situation of countries which are the subject of debate by the Security Council. This mechanism is designed to improve the flow of information and the consequent responses that the Security Council offers each one of these situations. The group will meet once a month and will focus on four countries during its first year of operation.

Group 2242 will debate the existing challenges to the structure of the UN peacekeeping operations (suitable provision of posts for women and their participation on missions), the goals to be pursued in relations with government and those key players from each country, including civil society.

The first meeting of the group was given over to the situation in Mali, just a few days prior to the recent trip by the Security Council to this country. Its debates led to the messages from the members of the SC to the government and to organisations in Malian civil society with whom they met.

The co-chairs of the informal group 2242 will monitor the results of this trip with the aim of assessing new initiatives from the Security Council on the occasion of the upcoming meeting which will be given over to the situation in Mali this same year.

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