Terrorist attacks in Kabul

Spain strongly condemns the recent terrorist attacks carried out in Kabul on the Ministry of Defence, the security forces and the humanitarian non-governmental organisation Pamlarena. Several dozen people were killed and many more were injured in these attacks. 06/09/2016 The Government of Spain expresses its deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the victims and to all the people [...]

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​Venezuelan opposition leader Daniel Ceballos transferred to prison

The Government of Spain regrets the transfer to prison of the Venezuelan opposition leader and former mayor of San Cristóbal del Táchira, Daniel Ceballos, who had been under house arrest. 29/08/2016 The government considers that a measure of this nature only serves to hinder the efforts being made towards initiating much-needed dialogue in Venezuela, which can only take place within [...]

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Terrorist attack in Gaziantep, in southeast Turkey

Spain strongly condemns the atrocious terrorist attack carried out late on Saturday night in the town of Gaziantep, in southeast Turkey, killing at least 50 people and injuring another 94. 21/08/2016 The attack was carried out in the middle of a wedding celebration being held in the street. The Government of Spain expresses its deepest sympathies to the families and [...]

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Attacks in Turkey

Spain strongly condemns the terrorist attacks carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday on two police stations in the provinces of Van and Elazig, in southeast Turkey, leaving several victims dead and injuring dozens of others. 18/08/2016 The Government of Spain expresses its deepest sympathies to the families of the victims, wishes those injured a speedy and full recovery, and trusts [...]

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Military operations against DAESH in Libya

The government is closely monitoring the military operations being carried out by United States Air Force against positions held by the terrorist group DAESH in Sirte, in Libya. 02/08/2016 These operations, of which the Government of Spain had been informed prior to their commencement, are being carried out upon a request from the Libyan Government of National Accord, as indicated [...]

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Settlements in East Jerusalem

Spain deeply regrets the decision taken by the Israeli authorities to authorise the construction of 770 new housing units in settlements to the south of Gilo, in East Jerusalem, which will have a very negative impact on the life of the Palestinian communities in the area. 28/07/2016 Spain considers that these settlements are illegal under international law and that, as [...]

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Shooting incident in Munich

Spain wishes to convey, following the attacks on Friday, its full support and affection for the people of Germany and, in particular, the inhabitants of Munich, who have suffered the senselessness of a cowardly and criminal attack that took the lives of many people and left a large number of others injured, for whom we wish a prompt recovery. 23/07/2016 [...]

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Journalist Pavel Sheremet murdered in Kiev

Spain expresses its strong outrage and condemnation of the attack that took the life of the journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev on Wednesday, 20 July. 21/07/2016 The Government of Spain expresses its deepest sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of the victims, and hopes that those responsible for this vile and cowardly murder will be arrested and brought to [...]

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Terrorist attack in Germany

The Government of Spain expresses its disgust and strong condemnation of the terrorist attack on Monday, 18 July in a train close to Wurzburg, in the south of Germany, which left several passengers injured. 19/07/2016 Spain expresses its support for the victims of this cowardly and abominable action, and wishes all those injured a speedy and full recovery. The government [...]

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Attempted coup d’état in Turkey

Spain expresses its unreserved condemnation of the attempted coup d’état in Turkey, a great friend and key ally, and declares its support for the legitimate authorities and the democratically-elected institutions and calls for respect for constitutional order and the rule of law. 16/07/2016 The Government of Spain regrets the loss of life resulting from this attempted coup d’état and conveys [...]

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