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Interview to Ana Peláez, candidate to the CEDAW

Find below the interview to Ana Peláez: https://youtu.be/JpFklvGXn-k   Mi name is Ana Peláez Narváez and I´m the candidate of Spain to the Committee of the CEDAW. This Committee is responsible for monitoring the Convention that fights against all forms of Discrimination against Women. I am surely a candidate because of the experience I had previously working for many years in the CRPD Committee, which is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. During the first two terms and the previous time of the negotiation of this Convention, I have been working in the defense of the rights of women and girls [...]

Ana Peláez presents her candidacy to CEDAW

The Spanish Ana Peláez Narváez, this week has submitted her candidacy to join the CEDAW (United Nations Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women), in order to defend the rights of women and girls with disabilities worldwide. This candidacy would make Mrs. Peláez the first person with disabilities within this international Committee. It is therefore a historic opportunity to give a voice to women and girls with disabilities in a UN treaty body. For almost twenty years, she has directed and advised governments, civil society and other stakeholders to ensure the full inclusion of all women [...]

“Spanish, a global language”

This week, the President of the Government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, has presented the project: 'Spanish, a global language'. A State policy aimed at promoting the value and use of Spanish. The goal is clear: to transform our common language into a strategic tool to create opportunities for the Spanish-speaking community. This project involves the creation of a Business Plan for Spanish, aimed at Spanish and Latin American companies and multinationals. This is coupled with the launch of an Ibero-American Erasmus program, which aims to bring together the values ​​of inclusion, modernization, innovation and internationalization that characterize the European program. [...]

Resolution 2328 to deploy United Nations observers in Aleppo

The Security Council, Recalling all its relevant resolutions, especially 2139 (2014), 2165 (2014), 2191 (2014), 2258 (2015) and 2286 (2016); Reaffirming its strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic; Alarmed by the continued deterioration of the devastating humanitarian situation in Aleppo and by the fact that urgent humanitarian evacuations and assistance are now needed by a large number of Aleppo inhabitants; Recalling the need for all parties to respect the relevant provisions of international humanitarian law and the United Nations guiding principles of humanitarian emergency assistance; Takes note of the efforts to [...]

Draft Resolution on Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

11 DECEMBER 2016   CLEAN VERSION UNDER SILENCE PROCEDURE ENDING ON WEDNESDAY 14 DECEMBER 2016 AT 7 AM   Draft Resolution   The Security Council, (1)    Reaffirming its resolutions 1540 (2004) of 28 April 2004, 1673 (2006) of 27 April 2006, 1810 (2008) of 25 April 2008, 1977 (2011) of 20 April 2011, and 2055 (2012) of 29 June 2012, (2)    Reaffirming that the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, as well as their means of delivery, constitutes a threat to international peace and security, (3)    Reaffirming its decision that none of the obligations in resolution 1540 (2004) shall be [...]

Security Council Press Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Turkey

The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the heinous and cowardly terrorist attacks in the city of Istanbul, Turkey on 10 December, during which at least 39 people were killed and 155 injured. They expressed their deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and to the Government of Turkey and wished a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured. The members of the Security Council reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. The members of the Security Council [...]